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Sustainable mass cultivation of fast-growing biomass for woodchip production to meet worldwide increasing demand.


Scalable & CO2 Neutral

Biomass Feedstock cultivates fast-growing Paulownia elongata feedstock as dedicated solid biomass energy crop, which sets us apart from other biomass producers globally. The primary markets for our biomass woodchips are the local West-African markets for biomass and carbonized woodchips to be used in clean cook stoves. Other potential buyers are the European utility companies.

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We will focus on Ghana and Ivory Coast to create our test locations and start our first plantation. We designed the project to be easily scalable up to 10,000 acres with a net annual output of 350,000 tonnes of wet woodchips.

The operation will be permanently sustainable, carbon neutral and comply with all environmental standards, including the Forest Stewardship Council.

Social Impact

We aim to realize a meaningful social impact in the countries where we will be active with a focus on small farmers and local communities.

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In addition to our woodchips plantation, an intercropping project will be executed aimed at improving local living standards, upgrading farming techniques (education) used by local farmers and providing the community (families of our workers) with high quality seeds (fruits, vegetables).

Growing Market

Woodchips are a commodity wood product for which demand is escalating in Europe and Africa. This favorable market is driven by the increasing number of countries adopting renewable energy support policies (2005: only 15; 2015: over 145). A major result is for example the requirement for utility companies to co-fire wood biomass as fuel or in combination with coal.

In West-Africa there are several biomass projects planned and being built, whereas in Europe the largest biomass utility facilities are in Belgium, the Netherlands, UK and Scandinavia.


We have designed our forestry and stakeholder management system to secure a steady and consistent output of biomass from a project well anchored into the local community. As a result, we feel comfortable selling our woodchips to the local West-African markets as well as seeking long-term offtake agreements with some of the largest counterparties in the world market.